Introducing GMEDIA CRM


G MEDIA Studios’ CRM

Your COMPLETE Customer Relationship Management Solution.

G Media Studio’s CRM has been developed as a central “hub” for you and your CRM team to easily  manage customer contacts and communications. It was created with flexibility in mind and can create a dynamic, unique and completely customized customer communications platform.

Keep in-depth customer information…

Keep timely and highly detailed customer records to make sure everyone has access to the latest & most accurate customer information.

No subscription or management costs…

Keep accurate control of operations costs since our CRM is a stand-alone customer management tool that does not rely on subscription or account fees.

Streamline sales & organization management…

Track cases from initiation to closure PLUS all metrics and terminology can be determined by you and your team.

Robust reporting tools…

Easily and clearly track prospect progress across the entire organization with regular reports and easy to update customer profiles.

Scaled for your business…

Any size business or team can create a professional and effective CRM experience with our powerful, easy to learn system functionality from day one.

Start today with easy-to-learn interface…

Create a unique brand experience for your business with customized colors and unique functionality to your organization’s requirements.

You & your team will experience…

  • Detailed focus on customer needs
  • A central access point for multiple customer databases & analytical tools
  • Increase productivity across the organization & increase case efficiency
  • More relevant customer information that is available to entire organization
  • Mobile & web functionality allows immediate management edits & timely responses

Your customers will experience…

  • Detailed & accurate contract management
  • Highly responsive case services & efficient reporting from incident to resolution.
  • More personalized service tailored to their individual case needs
  • Knowledge that every member of the organization has quick access to their case information
  • Ease of mind that comes with knowing your team can anticipate their needs & expectations every time

Access anywhere, anytime from desktop or mobile

You and your team can access your CRM anytime or anywhere to make sure information can be reviewed, shared & updated whenever needed.

Your customers matter.
Their experience with you matters more.

Give your team the opportunity & tools to create more rewarding relationship experiences with your customers.