Jacky's Galaxie

A distinctive culinary & sensory experience

Jacky's Galaxie restaurants wanted to rework their website to better reflect their incredible sensory dining experience, unify the 4 locations pages, and have a flexible platform to make simple updates to the site.

Taking inspiration from the energetic and vibrant decor of Jacky's flagship locations we created a more dynamic brand experience for users. We unified the brand experience by simplifying and streamlining all four locations' sites into an easy-to-manage, single platform – creating a more unified user experience.


Create a more unified brand experience across each location’s page, additional functionality for users (online reservations, function room rentals, online ordering) & more flexible website platform.


  • Refresh website design to match restaurant experience
  • Complete reactive design to maintain brand experience across desktop & mobile devices
  • Integrated brand experience across 4 location websites
  • Create easily manageable website platform

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